Fine Art Photographs

My prints are signed limited edition series of 20-50 that are available framed or unframed in various sizes. They are produced on an Epson 1270 printer on Epson heavyweight matte paper. Framed prints are matted with acid-free archival museum board (Alphamat) and framed in 16x20 standard black or silver metal edge frames behind glass. Contact me for prices of framed prints other than 9x14 prints in 16x20 frames.


Unframed prints are mailed in a roller tube for a fee of $30 (in Canada) Framed prints are delivered free of charge in the Ottawa area (possibly also Toronto and Montreal depending on my travel schedule and the quantity ordered). Shipping glass frames through the mail or FEDEX is not suggested as the cost of packaging/shipping and the chance of breakage is high. It would be more cost effective to send the unframed print and any matting and framing be done on your end.

Cost of Prints (Canadian $)

total #
unframed prints (size inches*) framed **
6x9 9x13 12x17 9x13
1 $ 150 $ 175 $ 200 $ 250
2 - 4 $ 125 $ 150 $ 175 $ 225
> 5 $ 100 $ 125 $ 150 $ 200
* Dimensions are approximate and vary with the particular cropping of the image.
** 9x13 inch prints are matted with 16x20 inch acid-free museum board and framed behind glass in a black or silver metal frame. The 12x17 inch prints would be matted and framed in a standard 20x24 inch metal frame.

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phone: (613)-733-5017