Portfolio Photography for Artists

Upon joining the Foyer Gallery in January 2005 I became aware of a need for artists to get professional quality photographs of their artworks. I now routinely shoot the "current" artworks for the Foyer Gallery website. When artists started to call me to shoot their art for submission to juries, their website, posters, prints and magazine articles..., it was then that I decided that there were very few photographers in Ottawa to fulfil this niche market. I now provide this service to dozens of Ottawa artists.
So when the need arises... let me photograph your artworks for you.

My photographs of artworks have appeared in various newspaper publications as well as in magazines "Parkhurst Exchange" ( October 2006-Terry Sametz, November 2006-Jinny Slyfield, January 2007-Donna Lynd) also in Ottawa Life (January 2007-Jinny Slyfield, March 2007 - Patricia Kirby).

What I provide:
I will go to your studio/home with my studio lights, photograph the art, download to my laptop and together we will colour correct and decide on the contrast/brightness of the image on my colour calibrated monitor.

I then optimize, square up and crop the image for you and provide you with a CD/DVD of the images in 3 folders:

1. small size jpg (sRGB colorspace), resized and sharpened at 1024 x 768 pixels for submission to juries, website or email.

2. high quality jpg (sRGB) ready for printing at any size you like (generally 8x10 inches) that you can print at home or at commercial printers (eg FutureShop, Black's, etc)

3. colour corrected master TIF files, ready to be resized and sharpened to any size needed in the future.

Although not immediately apparent, I include "copyright (date), artist name. All rights reserved. " in the metadata header of all files. This copyright can be viewed in the "file info" dialogue of many imaging programs and lends some level of protection to artists from misuse of their images.

Generally the turn-around time is 2 days but I have done on the spot turn-around in extreme emergencies.

The sliding scale fees are:
$15.00 /image for the first 19 images (minimum of 10 for me to come and shoot)
$12.50 / image for 20 or more
$10.00 / image for 40 or more

Stock Photography

All images on this site are available for commercial and editorial uses for an appropriate licence fee. This is generally limited to one time use for a specific purpose and time frame. Prices will vary depending upon number and final use of images.

Service Photography

This means I am a photographer for hire ("have camera, will travel"). If it interests me I'll shoot it. My fee is $200-500 depending on travel time and length of shoot. The cost of processing is extra and is done at commercial rates. Contact me with your needs and we will arrive at a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

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phone: (613)-733-5017